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Discord tts best troll

Hey, you boosted animals! Aethex intentions are to be an adaptable, multipurpose Discord bot. With comprehensive moderation, utility commands, music commands, and many other fun commands. Letting your members gain XP and levels by participating in the chat! You can also keep logs of all the messages in your server with Mee6.

Best Tts Discord Trolling -Robot (ox46) Destroying Th*ts in Discord – funny discord moments!

Nightbot provides a pile of chat commands and auto-moderation tools for your Discord. AnthBot has a set of entertainment commands and useful commands to facilitate member interaction on your server. Commands for the administration of your server, either remove messages from a channel, announce giveaways or notify when a user joins, leaves, connects or disconnects from your server. Music bot plays YouTube videos in mp3 format right in your Discord server. When a song selected the bot will download it and play it after the current song!

It can also play any video on youtube. Vexera is dominating the Discord bot scene with over 22k servers! Discord Dungeons features a one of a kind experience for your Discord Server! Really, is there anything better than a loud obnoxious horn? Thanks to the official Discord team, you can now play a ridiculous amount of sounds in your Discord server with Airhorn Solutions. Beam allows Discord to automatically sync your Beam subscribers to a role.

Make a private room for them to discuss how awesome they are. What are your thoughts?

discord tts best troll

Let us know: BotList. Be sure to submit your Discord bots to BotList. We hope you enjoyed reading about these amazing bots. Sign in. Level up your Discord game with bots. BotList Follow. Aethex An adaptable, multipurpose Discord bot.

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Mee6 Add some skill to your Discord server. AnthBot Commands for the administration of your server. Vexera A discord bot with music, moderation, and other pointless commands. Discord Dungeons Fun boiled to the basics! Airhorn Solutions Play a slew of sounds including Airhorns and other audio memes. Beam Stop watching, start playing. BotPublication Everything about chatbots.The text-to-speech function can be a fun way to get your message across in chats.

On Discordyou can activate text-to-speech using a simple slash command when typing out your message. You may, however, have to enable the feature first, depending on your current user settings.

And you should be aware that if others have the feature disabled, they won't be able to hear what you say. Here's how to use text-to-speech in Discord through the desktop app for Mac and PC.

Open Discord on your Mac or PC, and then click the gear icon in the bottom-left, near your username. Open your settings with the gear icon. This will open your settings. In the sidebar on the left, click "Notifications.

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Scroll down this page until you find "Text-to-Speech Notifications. Select either of the top two options here. This will let you send your own text-to-speech messages. Open Discord and navigate to the channel you want to send a voice message in.

You'll then see the message appear without the slash command. But, at the same time, users in the channel will hear your message read aloud by a voice bot. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Devon Delfino. Before you can use text-to-speech on Discord, you'll need to make sure it's enabled in your settings. Other people may have text-to-speech disabled as well, and if they do, they won't be able to hear you use the feature.

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Insider Inc.True Capitalist Radioand more recently, The Ghost Show had a long list of trolls that called into its broadcast all the way back from Some were great, and others were not so good. This page details those trolls who made a smaller contribution than that of the more famous trolls, whether it be during Radio Graffiti or from their own video uploads that Ghost became annoyed with them.

Please create a brand new page for anyone on this list whose description goes beyond two paragraphs. Note that many trolls use numerous FreeConferenceCall previously Skype names, and sometimes call with two or even three per show to play multiple sound files.

Thus, one supposed 'audio troll' may actually be the exact same person as another one. Below is a list of active callers. If you are looking for a list of former callers, see Former Minor Trolls. AllFurriesAreManchildren aka AFAMis a Ghost forums user mostly known for starting controversies about other users, targeting Autistic or underage users, FurriesWeebs, and Broniesrunning them out of the community shortly after.

He mainly posted on the forum from October to Januarybefore it shut down. American Game Master is a troll that has refused to use the TTS system, having promised to not give ghost a single cent, his first two calls involved Ghost and Tony in Tell Me Lies splices, before dropping them in favor of flavors of the week.

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He has done the following:. She often uses this to her advantage in order to coerce Ghost into doing forum shoutouts or radio graffiti, or even doing the video shares whenever Ghost threatens to Rage Quit. When not using the TTS system to troll ghost, one can also find her trolling Ghost via forum shoutouts from time to time. A The Ghost Show-era troll, she often makes splices that ranges from being able to successfully enrage Ghost, to being considered failtroll -quality.

He has made several splices, including a collab with Spermy Ghostini. Due to Ghost's aversion to foreign donationsKit runs his donation text through DeepL's Russian translator, prompting Ghost to rant about "talking to him in American. Nightprowler is a return splicer who is known for making perverted and sexual splices, and has also made a couple Cartoon Ghost calls. Petisss is a The Ghost Show-era troll who first began trolling in August While he rarely donates, he is known for his splices on Radio Graffiti, which usually tend to cause massive rage from Ghost, and his artwork on the forum.

The Pet Mexican is a caller, splicerand troll from both before and after the Break. His character began after Ghost decided that he needed a "pet Mexican " after moving from Austin and no longer having Conseula around to clean his office for him. Before the break, the Pet Mexican often had conversations with Ghost, sometimes in Spanish. After the break, he has done considerably more splices as opposed to using his character, causing Ghost to start hating the Pet Mexican for betraying him constantly.

One of his most notable calls was at the end of Episodewhere he admitted to being a brony to Ghost. As of The Ghost Show, he has kept a low profile.Would you like to troll your friends with a scary, girl-female or robot voice changer?

Now with Voicemod you can change your voice in real time and discover the funnier side of Discord voice chat app. Play with tons of awesome voices and effects and make the funniest voice calls. Feedback and Support: Contact us here. Get and install Voicemod app. It is a real time voice modulator that works with Discord and can be used for trolling in a call or in a chat room. Use it as a celebrity voice morpher with effects for discord and surprise your community in the chat room or during a call.

Voicemod the best voice changer compatible with Discord! If what you are looking for is the best custom Soundboard for Discord, Meme Sound Machine is the solution.

Instant Sound Buttons with the best sound effects to troll and surprise in chat rooms and communities. Design your own custom soundboard with scary and funny sounds. We have prepared some tutorials with the most common programs to help you to setup Voicemod.

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Troll like a PRO! At the bottom left side you will find your user information. Go to User Settings. Press Esc. Voicemod: the best voice changing software with compatible Discord Get and install Voicemod app. How to install, set up and use a soundboard on Discord Download Voicemod software and install it. Install Discord and open it. Go to the User Settings of the chat program. It's located in the left side of the main window.

In Voicemod select the Meme Sound Machine sound board feature. Find and load your favorite sounds and assign them hotkeys. You are ready to troll! Connect with us. They support us. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By continuing your visit on the website, you consent to the use of the cookies. More info.Ah, the internet troll. A new breed of annoyance — and often hilarity — you have many different types.

The opportunistic prankster who has only began to troll because the situation was too perfect not to. Many people I know have been building their whole careers in the Internet marketing by trolling… some were really good at that, others are mostly annoying…. There have been endless examples of trolling, since the earliest days of the web. Here are seven of them that are some of the best of all time.

It might have been this guy. He trolls Craigslist and other site ads. Then he contacts the seller and trolls them until they are either completely lost, or really angry.

Often, they are both. The media loves to talk about Anonymous, but they tend to have no understanding of what it means. Anonymous is not an organized group. It is more of a banner that is used to describe anyone who is trolling on the web.

Sometimes there will be organized attacks committed by Anonymous, but it is never the same group. Anonymous can be anyone; hence the name.

discord tts best troll

Such as the Project Chanology protests and attacks against Scientology. Still one of the greatest pranks of all time in my opinionthis is a great example of an opportunistic troll.

To read the whole story, go to the link. It is worth it. But a quick rundown is that someone was selling their Powerbook on eBay and got a message from an obvious scammer. He wanted to buy the Powerbook off of the site by using an escrow service. This led to one of the most epic stories of conning the con man in the history of the web.

You have probably heard of this guy. His most famous trolling achievement was when he was sent an email from the electric company in Australia.

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His account was overdo, and they wanted payment. He wrote back to tell them he had no money, but that he had sent them a drawing of a spider, instead. From there we have one of the funniest correspondences ever dedicated to a web page. This user is well know on Reddit.Become a member today and start sharing your creations! Sign up Receive these membership benefits:. Limit to:. Supported Games. Expanded Collapsed Hidden. Left Right. Small Regular. Click Hover. Left Center Right. Fixed Floating.

Post all of your awesome TTS one liners, such as: The sprinkler goes spspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse sse spspspspspspspspspspspspspspspspse A rofl train goes tchdvdxtche tchdvdxtche tchdvdxtche tchdvdxtche tchdvdxtche wuuu wuuu wuuu tchdvdxtche tchdvdxtche A roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi Don't post one that's already been posted!

discord tts best troll

TTS Hall of Fame 1. A roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi. Add Reply Sign up to access this! Semore Joined 13y ago. URL to post:. Krylzay Joined 12y ago. Chaos Joined 13y ago. Joined 14y ago. Joined 13y ago. Joined 12y ago. TheBishop Joined 13y ago. Zippit Joined 14y ago. Djlolface Joined 12y ago. Higgs boson Joined 12y ago. Higgs boson. Posted by Zippit Imma firing mah AK, tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tak tik tik tik, no ammo.

FIR3 Joined 13y ago. Metal-Head Joined 12y ago.Servers Reviews. Home Public Discord Servers Discord servers tagged with troll. Discord Servers troll Discord servers tagged with troll. Bumped recently. Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 1 - 24 of servers. Other Get link Mute this server Report this server. Join this Server. Community Le Saint Empire recrute. Parlez et vous monterez rapidemment dans la hierarchie. Community 7. Hey Camarade! Alors rejoint nous!

Community 4. On cherche des membres actifs pour le rendre putain de grand et beau. Museum of Cock: The Clone Wars.

How to use text-to-speech on Discord, and have the desktop app read your messages aloud

Much like 2b2t, we use commands and bots to apply preventitive restrictions that avoid punishment all together. Rajdowanie E-Lekcji. Dank Meme Imperium.

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Wir sind ein Deutschsprachiger Server welcher sich auf Memer und Trolle fokussiert. Dann haben wir noch einen Cursed Channel wo Videos und Bilder reingepostet werden welche man als "cursed" bezeichnet.

Wer nicht versteht was das bedeutet, kann gerne nachfragen. Das waren unsere drei wichtigsten Channel. Boulon ville. Burnin' Wonderland. All Games 4. Fighting Games 6. Flan plays an important role in our lives. Join the Flan clan and expand our love of flan. And be welcomed to a loving environment. Very Berry Blueberry.